Chronology of relations Katy Perry and Taylor Swift

July 2009: Taylor Swift on Twitter: “I watched the video” Waking Up In Vegas “. I love Katy Perry and now I’m going to hang a poster with her on the wall. ” Katie immediately responded to the upcoming country performer: “You’re sweet, like a patty! Let’s record a joint song for my new record. It will be excellent. ”

December 2009: Taylor and singer John Mayer started dating until a couple of months later, in February 2010, John left the singer with a broken heart. In the same year, Taylor released the album “Speak Now”, on which came the song “Dear John”, dedicated to Mayer. After some time the singer admitted in an interview that he was unpleasantly surprised and even offended by Swift’s song.

June 2012: After two years of strong friendship and joint performances, Perry, who recently recovered after a hard divorce from Russell Brand, met a new love – the artist John Mayer, however, no loud dramas and clarification of the relationship between the singer did not arise.

July 2013: In the middle of the “Red” tour, Taylor suddenly unsubscribed from several of her dancers who, as it turned out later, left the Swift tour for the sake of Katy Perry. Later, one of the team members finally shed light on the drama – at the height of the “Red” tour, some dancers went on a tour of Katy Perry’s “The Prismatic World Tour”. This team performed with Perry from 2010 and after the end of the tour “California Dreams” they found a temporary job with Swift. The dancers had a long contract with Cathy, which meant that they would return to the new tour and perform throughout.

October 2014: The premiere of the 1989 album, which features the upcoming single “Bad Blood”. In an interview for “Rolling Stone” Taylor said that this song is dedicated to a girl who tried to foil her tour: “This song is not about a broken heart, it’s about the loss of friendship. For years I did not know whether we were friends or not. She came to me at the premiums, said something and left, and I thought: “Are we friends or has she just insulted me?”. But last year this celebrity did something terrible, and I thought: “Well, everything, now we are enemies.” And it was not even because of the guy! It was business. She tried to frustrate my tour and hire people from my environment. I hate conflicts, so now I avoid it. It’s embarrassing, and I do not like it. “Bad Blood is a song I wrote about a new kind of broken heart. I recently experienced this with someone, with whom I wanted to be friends and thought that she was my friend, but in the end it turned out that she was not. She was what I was equal to, and I always wanted to get approval from her, so it was very insulting when she hit me below the belt. This is the first time that I really stand up for myself in this relationship, because she has always been more confident and louder of us. I think it’s important to be able to stand up for yourself, even if you have the courage to do it only in a song, you have to do it. ”

The situation got even worse when, right after the interview, Katy Perry wrote on her tweet: “Beware Regina George in sheep’s clothing” (reference to the movie “Mean Girls”, where the heroine of Regina is a two-faced, spoiled girl). Also after the interview, the dancers themselves decided to comment on this situation: “It’s ridiculous that we were in the midst of all this. We just build our career, we do what we want, so we went to Cathy. She is like a family to us. ”

July 2016: After a loud parting with Taylor, Calvin Harris wrote in his tweet: “I know that you’re not on tour now and you need someone new to try to bury it, like Cathy, etc., but I do not That guy, sorry. I will not allow this. ” Cathy did not ignore the conflict of the former couple, rettvnuv their old tweet: “Time – the narrator of your truth.”

May 2017: The premiere of the single “Swish Swish”, which was a retaliatory blow to “Bad Blood”. On the show Carpool Karaoke, presenter James Corden directly asked the star about her enmity with Taylor Swift, to which Perry replied: “Honestly, it was she who started the quarrel. And it’s time for her to finish with this. I tried to talk to her, but she did not go to the contact. ”

The singer also recalled the song “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift, which was released in retaliation for Perry in 2014: “I try to do right when I feel that something is going wrong. But she ignored my attempts to get in touch, and then wrote a song about me. Then I thought, OK, cool. So you want a bad way? “. Personally, I believe that women should act together, not individually. Without this bullshit, women will conquer the world. ”

June 2017: Taylor Swift decided to return to Spotify on the day, coincidentally coinciding with the release of Katy Perry’s new album “Witness”. Many journalists felt that, perhaps, with their loud return, Swift decided to sabotage Perry’s album sales.

August 2017: Taylor Swift triumphantly returns with the single “Look What You Made Me Do”, filling lyrics and video clips with references to all the offenders, among whom was the conflict with Cathy and Kanye.

May 2018: Taylor Swift and Katy Perry made peace. The initiator of the reconciliation was Cathy, who sent the letter along with the olive branch, which means the offer of reconciliation: “Hello, old friend. I have been thinking a lot about the misunderstanding and relations between us, and I want to put an end to all disputes. I offer my deepest apologies … “. Taylor published a photo of the letter on her page in the instagram, accompanying the answer: “Thank you, Cathy. This means a lot to me 💞. “